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Playing Music From Your iPod to Customers? Stop Now. (1 of 4)


Music is a key element in creating an enjoyable customer experience, and understanding what’s legally required to play music isn’t the easiest thing to wrap your head around.  In an effort to simplify the requirements for licensing music in a business setting, we’re publishing a series of four blog posts that dive into the topic.

Our goal is to help you understand what it takes to meet the legal music licensing requirements for commercial settings, whether you’re a single location business or a global brand.  We’ll cover the different types of licenses, the difference between a business and consumer license, where the fees go and the consequences of playing unlicensed music.

Here is post 1 of 4 – Enjoy!

Music rights ownership

Whether you’re a store, clinic, or restaurant, it’s important to make sure you have all your bases covered when it comes to music licensing.  In the U.S. there are three main types of music licenses that need to be obtained by businesses: Master Use, Mechanical, and Public Performance.  In order to publicly transmit or perform protected work, it needs to be licensed from the associated rights holder for all three types.

Master Use License – Gives the rights holder the ability to use a specific master recording.

Mechanical License – Permits the licensee to manufacture, reproduce and distribute the music composition in audio-only formats.

Public Performance Rights – Covers the performance or transmission of copyrighted works where there are substantial amounts of people present.  Performance rights must be obtained from the copyright owner in order to “perform”  (read: play) a copyrighted material publicly.

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This Is How Music Affects the Retail Experience For Brands

Brands today are leveraging the power of music to make authentic connections with their customers, but also see the benefits in their bottom line through a richer shopping experience, deeper customer engagement, stronger affinity and returning customers.

Here are 11 more ways that music impacts the shopping experience for brands and customers…


Music Review: Katie Herzig on the PlayLive Stage 5/9

Katie Herzig’s recent performance at PlayNetwork lit up the PlayLive stage,  and many faces in the crowd, with her all-girl ensemble and catchy pop songs. No, she’s not taking a page from Jack White’s playbook; she reconvened with her full band later that night, adding the guys into the mix for their show at the legendary Crocodile in Seattle. We lucky PlayNetworkers were treated to a stripped down, intimate performance of songs from her 2011 full-length album The Waking Sleep and other past projects. Katie and crew played with precision and control, the two guitars and cello combining to create an even and balanced sound that complimented her hushed vocals very well.

Katie Herzig - PlayLiveHer onstage banter between songs was a highlight of the set. Katie recalled accepting the challenge when called upon to relieve Fergie on a project for a movie soundtrack. The song born of that endeavor is the playful and irreverent “Hey Na Na” and due to complications onstage resulting from a tube amp and stomp box not quite getting along, the song was performed precisely in that manner (sorry for the inside joke, guess you had to be there). It was also fun to listen to Katie describe the experience of hearing her music played overhead while out shopping. Resisting urges to tell everyone in the store it was her voice coming through the speakers she played it cool, electing instead to quietly sing along while secretly hoping someone might notice. Everything about that story sounded very much like an artist describing the first time they heard themselves on the radio. So there you have it, straight from Katie Herzig: PlayNetwork is the new radio! (Actually, Katie Herzig never said PlayNetwork is the new radio, I just made that up)
Anyway, it is no surprise that Katie recently heard her music played in a store somewhere. The average consumer almost certainly has as well. She was one of our most used artists overall last quarter, placed in practically every single brand that PlayNetwork works with. That is a testament to the quality of her songwriting and talent. So if you think you’re not familiar Katie Herzig’s music, chances are pretty high that you have been exposed to it at some point. As long as you leave your house every once in a while, that is.

We’ll leave you with a little something from her performance:

[youtube http://youtu.be/AQ4A6JmH3Ag]

Gabriel Marowitz, Associate Music Supervisor