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Happy 1st Birthday to the Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative!


Today marks the Sea-Tac’s one-year anniversary of the City of Music program.   During the first year, the program was awarded “Best Arrivals Experience” by the FTE consisting of a panel of industry experts.  During the initiative’s second year, the number of live musicians playing throughout the terminal will be doubled.

“The expansion of the live music program allows us to connect with even more of the 34 million passengers who travel through Sea-Tac every year,” said Port of Seattle Commissioner John Creighton. “With the airport providing the first and last impression of Seattle, we have a unique opportunity to showcase our region’s iconic music culture — and support jobs in the local music industry.”

The Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative includes more than just live music and overhead music in the terminal.  It also features artist-read public announcements, feature videos on terminal and baggage claim monitors, a local music web player available via the airport’s free wifi, and the City of Music App.

We have teamed up with Port of Seattle,The Office of Film + Music, and Seattle Music Commission to showcase the Northwest region’s music culture and enhance the experience of millions of passengers who pass through Sea-Tac Airport each year.

For detailed schedules, locations, a live performance video reel, and to learn how musicians can participate, visit the Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative page. You can also find sample audio clips of safety and informational announcements from top Northwest artists, plus more information on the program.

When you are at Sea-Tac Airport, travelers can also submit feedback or let the airport know what they are hearing by following @SeaTacAirport on Twitter and using #SEACityofMusic.


Songs of Summer 2011

Seems like summer always has its own soundtrack that helps weave the fabric of stories that only summer can pump out. The barbecue that ended with a visit from the fire department. The epic road trip. Water skiing for the first (and perhaps last) time. There’s usually a song or two associated with those summertime events that trigger memories of them long after they’ve happened.

That brings us to summer 2011. Our team of Music Supervisors picked ten of our favorite “Hot Picks” for your 2011 summertime playlist. These songs make a great soundtrack for your sunshine day-dreaming, adventuring and storytelling.

What’s in your heavy rotation this summer?

Heather’s Song Of The Day: Fresh

In case you missed it, New-Wave band Devo

Devo - Something For Everybody - out now!

recently released their first new studio album in 20 years. 20 YEARS! And it is a FANTASTIC album! Something For Everybody really does have something for everybody. I love this album and the video for the first single from the CD, “Fresh,” shows the boys are just as quirky as ever. Enjoy!

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Heather’s Song Of The Day: Any Which Way

Scissor Sisters have just released the second single from their new album Night Work, and it’s one of my favorite songs on the disc. The video is appropriately awesome and it only makes the wait until I see them live at Showbox Sodo on September 15 seem even longer. This clip has everything! People breaking stuff, hot shirtless men, pretty colors and clothes to die for. (I’d love a pair of shoes like the ones Ana is sporting at 1:44. Size 9, please!) And did I mention the song is fantastic? Enjoy!

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Bjork – The Comet Song

Moomins and the Comet Chase” is a new animated film for children, and Bjork happens to be a huge fan of the Moomins. She composed a song with Icelandic poet and author, Sjon, entitled “The Comet Song”. This song is available on iTunes as of today, and all the funds generated from the sale of the track will be donated to UNICEF Pakistan Childrens Charities. You can also check out the Moomins on Facebook here. The video is streaming directly from Bjork’s website, and it may have a few technical issues due to influx of traffic to her site today since this was just announced. Click HERE to watch and please enjoy!

Heather’s Song Of The Day: Hang With Me

My friends and coworkers know I have a special place in my heart for Swedish pop singers. They seem to

Robyn's new album is our 09/07/2010

have perfected the magic formula to create the ultimate sugary-sweet songs. The artist responsible for today’s song of the day is no exception. She is one of the biggest music stars is Sweden right now and if you ask me, that success is well-deserved.

Robyn has had a busy few months. She is about to release her second album so far this year, with another album to go after that and she just finished up a US co-headlining tour with Kelis. Oh, and did I mention that she runs her own record label? She isn’t slowing down a bit, however. Her new single “Hang With Me,” the first off Body Talk Part 2, just dropped and the accompanying video gives the viewer a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be in Robyn’s shoes right now.

Look for Body Talk Part 2 on September 7, 2010. Enjoy!

Kids In The Hall Return To TV

Tomorrow night, everyone’s favorite gender-bending Canadian comedy troupe is back! That’s right, the Kids In The Hall return to television for the first time since their self-titled sketch series went off the air in 1994. This time, the Kids take on Death in the original IFC miniseries Death Comes To Town.

All five original KITH (Dave Foley, Mark McKinney, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald and Scott Thompson) play almost all of the roles in the new eight part series. The scripted 30 minute show follows the exploits of the residents of Shuckton, Ontario after the Grim Reaper arrives on the Greyhound bus and one of the townspeople ends up dead. The first two episodes air back to back starting at 10pm Friday, August 20th on IFC.

While you wait, here’s a classic Kids In The Hall clip. Enjoy!

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